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Just to let everyone know, public viewing nights are held every first Friday of the month. Clear or cloudy nights the public viewing night goes ahead. Members man a number of telescopes of various sizes and types, and for those nights where the sky is cloudy, extended astronomical presentations are presented in the MPAS Viewing Centre.

So please come along and enjoy our nights sky.

Sun Situation


Space Weather

MPAS (formerly the Astronomical Society of Frankston) was founded in 1969 with the aim of fostering the study of Astronomy by amateurs and promoting the hobby of amateur Astronomy to the general public. The Society holds a General Meeting each month for the exchange of ideas and information. Regular observing nights, both private and public, are arranged to observe currently available celestial objects. For decades the Society has provided Astronomy on the Move educational presentations and observing nights for schools and community groups exclusively in the Peninsula and surrounding areas. Recently the Society has added a new purpose built observatory to its Briars site to further is ability to perform its research and educational abilities.

Over the years, members have made significant contributions to the development of our site, with excellent facilities including three viewing platforms, 240v access throughout the site, including various amenities to make your stay a pleasant one.


Although the level of light pollution slowly affects more and more locations, we still enjoy quite dark skies only 35-60 minutes away from the city. So why not come and explore your interest in our beautiful nights sky amongst friends with the same interest. All aspects of astronomy are undertaken, from visual to astrophotography.

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