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History of the Briars Observatory

Over the years the Briars Observatory site has had a transformation. In 1996, this is how our Briars site looked facing north east.

Pictured are (from left) Peter Skilton, Don Leggett, Roger Cleverdon, Ken Bryant and Peter Lowe. By 1999, the grass was down and two slabs were laid as viewing platforms. The old ASF caravan (visible in first image) found a new home as a storage shed, and working bees were arranged to develop the site. The Peter Norman 12" reflector was brought out at this particular work day so a refurbished mirror could be installed.

Throughout the year, the MPAS holds a series of member education events, usually on a Saturday afternoon prior to observing later that night. Known as Telescope Learning Days or TLD's, they are the brainchild of long-time member David Girling, who organises and runs them. One of these has been set aside as the annual Ken Bryant Scope Day, in memory of a very active and much missed member of the then ASF. Below is the Ken Bryant Scope Day of 2002.

2007, the Briars Observatory site has two viewing platforms, the main larger platform adjoining the Societies Public Building that is primarily used for presentations to the public, and a second smaller platform, all with power supplies for members convenience.

Greg Walton proudly stands by the two deep sky viewing telescopes he built of a truss-tube construction, these are pictured on the lower, smaller viewing platform. Sky Dancer on the right is Greg's own personal scope, while Sky Venturer is mechanically driven scope, it is for use by the MPAS.

The Briars site is officially registered with the ASA.