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Briars Observatory Map

The Briars is located at 450 Nepean Highway, Mount Martha, Victoria.
It is just South of Mornington (Melways Reference: 151 E1) at Mt Martha.

The main entrance to the Briars Historic Park is on the east side of Nepean Highway in Mt.Martha, about 50 metres further south than its intersection with Uralla Road.  

The park entrance when approaching from the north looks like:

Go through the entrance along the unlit sealed road over 3 cattlegrids, before arriving at the park's Visitor's Centre on your left.  Continue along the sealed road that veers to the right up the hill, with the vineyard on your right and homestead on your left.  At the top of the hill, the road forks.  The left side goes to Josephine's restaurant, so instead take the right side of the fork through an open gateway.  Continue along this partly sealed road for another 200 metres, passing the Shire Nursery on your left, and farm house on your right.  Parking is available outside our site on your left, next to the Shire Eco House.

Our Entrance looks like below.