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Mt Martha Observatory

During 2016 the members at MPAS completed the new roll-off-roof observatory. This project will be the basis of ensuring the society is keeping with the times by making the latest technology available to the membership and to supplement the public viewing night experience.

The building is a roll-off-roof design providing a large view of the sky for multiple telescopes. This enables us to leave the telescopes setup and aligned ready for use at any time with minimal fuss. The society has 3 'goto' telescopes and 1 motor assisted mount configured at the moment.

Each of the goto mounts can be used with an eyepiece or with a camera for astro-photography. When used for astrophotography the two newer systems can be remotely controlled from the comfort of the 'warm room'. Both of the two new systems are research grade instruments and will provide the members the tools needed to do meaningful scientific research.