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School Viewing Nights

The Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society prides itself on extending its facilities and services to the general public, educational bodies, and other public societies.
We've been actively associated with National Science Week for over a decade, since its inception.

Being more than just a club, the Society aims to be a resource to the community and to its members.

For school extra-curricular activities, the Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society has numerous flexible solutions to bring astronomy to the people.

We can provide interesting and informative presentations using our or your in house facilities, with Powerpoint being one of our preferred media. In addition to this, we have a group of dedicated members who will bring their telescopes to your location (note this is location limited).

For our presentations, we can bring along a range of impressive meteorite samples, including rare ones from Australia and overseas, and sometimes, possibly a piece of the famous Cranbourne meteorite.

To date over 57,000 visitors have enjoyed the MPAS presentations and telescopes over the last 4 decades.

For more information about School / Group bookings send us an Email.